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Have you been to a Check Your Boobies party?

Be proactive about your health and learn why it’s so important to start learning about your breast health now.

Learn about our @ Campus and @ Community parties.

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I loved the party, I learned so much as a young adult!  Most times us younger women don't hear a lot from our doctors, they just say we are too young. ...Thanks guys!!!!

It was very informative and educational and we had a wonderful speaker. Your speakers were informative, friendly and quick to make us feel comfortable with the subject. Thank you.

Thank you for holding a breast awareness event at our Lincoln Way Apartments and sharing your personal survival story. God Bless you. I enjoyed the openness of the presenters. No subject was off limits. We even discussed testicular cancer and the importance to have your spouse do self exams. The party was incredible. So informative. I can't thank CYB enough for coming. I was very impressed with how the party went. I was not sure what to expect. Very informative.

The relaxed setting made the party more comfortable and it felt more like you were sharing information with us because you truly wanted us to be healthy instead of lecturing. Your educators were wonderful and made it a very relaxing and informational night for all. Thank you for your vision, outreach and passion. It is greatly appreciated.

The party was very good. The speakers shared their personal stories. They were sincere and caring. Keep up the good work. Thank You.