Monthly Archives: June 2013

Here’s to another year of Checking Boobies!

We had our 8th Annual Party & Fundraiser last month at Fremont Studios. What a crazy fun night! It’s been said, but we couldn’t have asked for a better crowd and sponsors to be supporting our cause. And of course, the hardworking crew of  board members, staff, and volunteers who put it all together!  Here are some snapshots from the evening as we hoorahed and danced into the wee hours. We’ll be talking about this all year…until the next one!

^^John Curley looking spiffy in pink!

^^Some of the fabulous attendees


^^ Our very own Emily Kaplan as the keynote speaker. She is one amazing gal.

^^ The cutest raffle ticketeers!


 Such a memorable event. We look forward to hosting it again next year!