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Learn More About What to Expect at a CYB @Campus Party

Check Your Boobies Parties fulfill a large variety of health and education requirements for sororities and residence halls. Best of all, they are completely FREE!

The Party

Learn more about what happens at a Check Your Boobies party and how easy it is to organize one on your college campus.

Host a Party

Ready to host a party? Sign-up and we’ll contact you to get started.

Create Invites

Download party invitation templates or get ideas for your own custom invitations

Photo Albums and Videos

View photos
and videos from past Check Your Boobies parties on college campuses around the country.


Hear what past party hosts and attendees had to say about their Check Your Boobies party experience.

Success Stories

Early detection and prevention is the key to survival. Hear from some CYB friends about their breast cancer scares and survival stories.

Check Your Boobies also offers @Community parties which are tailored to women of all ages! If this is you, learn more about CYB @Community.

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