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Testimonials about Check Your Boobies Parties @Campus

“I was 21 years old with no family history of the disease. I was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer two weeks after my college graduation. I’m just a little girl trying to be a brave big girl on this scary journey.”
Bridget Spence – Age:28


“Thank YOU for presenting such a wonderful party! We were honored to have CYB as our guests and really enjoyed all of the valuable information you provided us within a fun and informative way. Our sisters definitely took a great deal away from this CYB party.”
Lindsay- Boston University


“Thank you for coming to our chapter! Everyone had so much fun and also learned a lot. The way Check Your Boobies talks about everything so openly really raises awareness and lets people know that it is a subject that should be discussed.”
Chelsea- Washington State University


“The chapter really enjoyed the party and are still discussing different aspects of what they learned. All of you were extremely open and knowledgeable in answering our questions.”
Madeline- UC Berkeley


“It was a pleasure to have you, we were all really inspired and agreed we walked away knowing a lot more than we did before!”
Katie- University Of Arizona


“Thank you to you, Heike, and Kim for coming and sharing your stories and knowledge with our residents. You all do great work in a fun way. I know all the residents really enjoyed it and I feel like they took a lot of valuable knowledge away from the party.”
Whitney- Washington State University


“The CYB party was incredibly touching and informative, and the environment that all three of you created in our house was fantastic. Every one (who attended) has not been able to stop talking about how fantastic your program is.”
Lauran- Harvard University


The presentation was AMAZING! I learned a lot and it was FUN! Thanks so much!
Claire- UC Berkeley


“It was super successful, informative, and helpful for all!”
Brittany- Whitman College


“THANK YOU for a wonderful program from Crimson Theta – we all had so much fun!!! Spreading the word to other women’s organizations at Harvard University!”
Molly- Harvard University

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