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Testimonials about Check your Boobies Parties @Community

“After attending a Check Your Boobies party in 2008, I began performing self-exams on the first of each month. Last year, on the first day of March, I found a lump. Thankfully, my surgeon told me that I would be cured because I found the lump early. I’m proof that Check Your Boobies is making a lifesaving impact.”

Ilyse Wagner – Age:42

“Given my family’s history with breast cancer and my own battle, I am a poster child for early detection and Self Breast Exams. I am thankful everyday for the opportunity to live my life with my family and friends. I am also thankful to be able to bring Check Your Boobies to San Francisco to educate women about proper breast health, early detection, and how women can help other women fight breast cancer.”

Mara Berns Langer – Age:44

“I always knew I should be ‘checking my boobies’ but I never knew exactly what to do and besides, I was scared of actually finding something. Going to a party allowed me to ask questions and learn in a non-threatening way. I also now know that the earlier I find something the better the outcome can be and that gives me motivation to check every month.”

“A friend was getting married and was adamant about not having a traditional shower. Instead, we hosted a Check Your Boobies party, allowing us to give a life-saving gift, not only to the bride, but to all the women in her life as well.”

“My friends and I are so busy with our jobs, our homes and our families. Taking time out to do something for ourselves is rare. But a group of us decided enough was enough and used a Check Your Boobies party as a chance to get together to do something for ourselves for a change!”

“One of the members of our church was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She caught it early and is doing well, but we wanted a way to educate our congregants about their own breast health. Our Women’s Group hosted a Check Your Boobies party and the turnout was fabulous. The survivor at the party, along with our recovering friend, demonstrated that early detection is key.”

“One of my co-workers invited me to a Check Your Boobies party. At first I was reluctant to go since I was under 40 and didn’t think I need to worry about breast cancer yet. But I went. Not only did I learn about the importance of checking my breasts at any age and how to do it properly, but there were a lot of laughs with women in my group. The party helped take away a lot of fears and misinformation. I now want to hold a Check Your Boobies party for my close friends so they, too, can start taking care of themselves!”

“I stopped my monthly breast exams when I got pregnant and while I was nursing. I thought it wasn’t necessary since my breasts were so different I wouldn’t be able to find anything anyway. But then I went to a “Check Your Boobies party” and learned that I could, and should, continue with monthly exams while I am pregnant and nursing. The breast health educator taught me how to do it at the party. No one – not my OB, doula or family doctor – had spoken to me about monthly breast exams while nursing and I am so glad I now know how to take care of myself while taking care of my newborn.”

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